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Tiffany Mynx
Tiffany Mynx
Inducted June 2009
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Born: 1971
Age: 37
Origin: Chino, California
Height: 5' 10
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Best Feature: Tight Ass
Specialty: Ass To Mouth

Stage Name(s):
Tiffany Minx

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Tiffany Mynx

Tiffany Mynx Classic Porn Videos

Tiffany is the oldest sibling in a small family. According to interviews published online "High school was really hard for me. I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood and all the girls didnít care for me much. I felt threatened and sometimes got into fights if I showed up at the bus stop. So I didnít go to school much."

Reports have been written stating that Tiffany did not get along with her father. She left the family home at 17 and never looked back. Her infrequent contact with her family remains a source of frustration for her according to interview documents stating "I called my family only after I became pregnant. They told me that they would not help me out if I decided to become a mother."

During her pregnancy, Tiffany left her boyfriend. When her son was born, her ex-boyfriend wanted to be part of her life again. She says she made "a mistake" and took him back. After 5 months she left for good, this time moving in with her grandmother.

She finally saved some money and finished school but felt such a strong need for companionship. "I really needed a man to help me emotionally and make me feel safe."

Tiffany Mynx best friend through those tough times was a stripper who lived near Hollywood. When Tiffany came to visit her they would always go out to the "Whiskey" or "The Rainbow." Tiffany thought it was the greatest place, and thatís where all the men were. So she was off to Hollywood with a Bang! She left most of her belongings behind, went to tinsel-town, slept on a couch and started working as a stripper.

Within a few weeks Tiffany Mynx had made enough money pole-dancing to get her own apartment. She had money in her pocket and the blonde California party girl was getting invites to the hottest all night clubs - dancing and entertaining till all hours of the night.

Even though Tiffany was doing okay as a stripper, there was so much competition. One day a strip-club limo driver called to tell her that he worked on movie sets part time. He went on to say that Tiffany Mynx and her stripper girlfriend should stop by the studio because they needed a couple of extra girls and they might be able to make some good money.

As Tiffany recalled in an online interview: "So there I was, in a room full of girls. There was a door in the room that would open, and they would call us in one at a time. When it was my turn, I was walked into a room with a man sitting behind a desk. He asked me to take off my clothes. He told me he liked me and wanted me for the job. Now he mentions to me that he wants me to do two sex scenes. I couldnít believe it, I didnít know what to do or what I should do."

Well, you guessed correctly. Tiffany Mynx sucked and fucked on camera and did the job so well that they called her back again the following week for another gig.

The first porn video starring Tiffany Mynx was called "The D.J." The second picture was named "The Good the Bad and the Horny." Both movies were shot for V.C.A.

She worked with Tony Tedeshi on her first two adult films and they both became friends. In a published interview Tiffany explained: "Tony asked me what agency I worked for and I couldnít answer because I had no idea there were agencies in the adult film industry. He took me to my first agency and it was there that I meet all sorts of important directors, producers, and other people. Suddenly I was working all the time and I felt really good about myself. I felt alive, beautiful, energetic and sexy. It was the first time in my life I had good money, a job and a life for myself and my family."

From those humble beginnings Tiffany Mynx has blossomed into a bigtime pornstar. With many credits in feature porn videos as both an actress and a director, her special brand of kinky passion is something that allowed her to maintain a very loyal fan-base through her transition from DVD box cover girl to online xxx phenomenon. "I never dreamed that I would still be in this business today and I never dreamed that I would be feature dancing and directing movies" said Tiffany "...but I am, and Iím still reaching for higher stars."

These days Tiffany has an improved relationship with her family and has won their approval as her success in adult business becomes impossible to ignore.

What's next for Ms. Mynx? "I have been a contract performer for several companies, and I plan on being involved in the adult business as long as I can. I love it! I have successfully directed award-winning movies, and I plan to continue making movies through my production company, Tiffany Mynx Productions."

One of the ultimate 90's sex queens, Pornstar Tiffany Mynx worked her way up the ladder of success at full throttle -- before finally easing off a bit to enjoy the fruits of her carnal labors.

Tiffany Mynx still has that slightly slutty look of a girl you might pick up in a SoCal nightclub. When she started in porn back in February of 1992 Tiffany was a shy, self-conscious 20 year old who thought that she was too average looking to make it big. Fans and fellow performers found her irresistibly hot, and as her confidence increased so did her popularity.

Still making quality smut these days, Tiffany Mynx has eased off of the constant filming of her early career to concentrate on raising her family. She can still be found feature dancing which she says she enjoys more than hardcore videos these days because it puts her in more direct contact with her fans.

Tiffany Mynx may be best known as the lead actress in the award winning series Buttwoman which she revamped for Elegant Angel

Tiffany Mynx was the 1994 Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Female Award winner, and she likes to let her fans know that she appreciates their support. She loves talking to her fans after dance gigs and answers all of her own fan mail. With over 150 hardcore performances under her belt, Tiffany Mynx has established herself as one of the preeminent stars of 1990's erotica.

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