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Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell
Inducted January 2008
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Born: 1956
Age: 53
Origin: New Jersey
Real Name: Sharon Mitchell
Height: 5' 7
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Measurements: 35B-32-36
Best Feature: Hardbody
Specialty: Lesbian Bondage

Sharon Mitchell Classic Porn:
Debbie Does Dallas : The Next Generation


Sharon Mitchell Videos

Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell Classic Porn Videos

Sharon Mitchell (born January 18, 1956) is one of the most respected porn performers of all time. Her evolution from on screen VHS video-vixen to credentialed health services advocate is a path many appreciate and admire.

At present, Dr. Mitchell is the Director of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, which she founded in 1998 after a lengthy and successful career as an erotic actress during an on-screen career spanning two decades.

After the end of her hardcore sex movie career, Sharon Mitchell obtained a Ph.D. degree in human sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. In 1998 she founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (known to many as AIM), a well managed and highly effective organization which provides information and STD testing for adult entertainment professionals. The mission of AIM to reduce the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases within the industry and to better educate performers of health concerns related to their profession has enriched many lives and possibly saved many lives as well.

Adult film career

An adopted only-child, Dr. Mitchell was raised Catholic and briefly married at age 17, she was also an Off-Broadway actress and dancer who toured with the Martha Graham company before becoming an adult actress in the mid 1970s.

During her career in hardcore pornography, Sharon Mitchell appeared in over 200 movies and directed 38 others. Her early career showed a soft and somewhat submissive side and featured her straight sex and group sex abilities.

However, Sharon Mitchell's most memorable films included roles that mixed lesbian sex and light bondage, building on her earlier days as a bondage model in New York underground magazines. By the end of her on-screen career in the mid 1990s Sharon Mitchell had made the transition from mainstream sex films to niche bondage and harder edged S&M videos, nearly always playing the role of a tough female dominatrix.

During the 1970s and 1980s, her lean, wiry physique and somewhat androgynous appearance angular facial features and punk look (mascara and rouge and short teased hair) were fresh and new, allowing Sharon Mitchell to become an iconic figure for the style of that era in porn. Her vigorous cunnilingus technique also became legendary.

Sharon Mitchell has previously been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, the Legends of Erotica and the XRCO Hall of Fame by members of the adult film industry. Now, she has finally earned a place in Hall Of Fame Porn thanks to the votes of her adoring fans.

After Porn

Sharon Mitchell's decision to start AIM following her porn career is something she believes deeply in and is at least in some way born from her own experiences with the darker side of sex entertainment.

Allegedly, according to a court TV interview Sharon Mitchell was quoted as saying: "I have gotten herpes, a bout of chlamydia here and there. I also contracted hepatitis from the drug addiction and a case of trichomoniasis. This is standard when you have sex for a living, by the way."

During her adult film career, Sharon Mitchell was allegedly addicted to heroin, a habit which she eventually overcame. She allegedly contracted hepatitis from needle use and is quoted as referring to her 16-year addiction to heroin as her "blackout years".

According to a New York Times Article about Dr. Sharon Mitchell On March 30, 1996, she was attacked and sexually assaulted by a stalker who severely injured her. After that incident, she left the sex industry, devoting her life to health-care, activism and helping people.


1982 CAFA Best Supporting Actress for Blue Jeans (Tied with Lisa De Leeuw)

1983 CAFA Best Actress for Sexcapades

1983 CAFA Best Supporting Actress for Night Hunger

1984 AVN Best Actress - Film for Sexcapades

Partial Filmography

Debbie Does Dallas : The Next Generation (1997)

Partial list of magazine appearances

1990: Tight Ropes 2/04 (House of Milan|HOM)
1991: Motorcycle Mistress Mamas #1 (Lyndon Distributors Limited|LDL)
1991: Special Request #2 (HOM)
1992: Boss Bitch in Bondage #1 (LDL)
1992: The Taming of June Bauer #1" (LDL)
1994: Punished (bondage magazine)|Punished 3/10 (HOM)
1995: Tied & Tickled 2/009

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