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Peter North
Peter North
Inducted October 2008
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Born: 1957
Age: 52
Origin: Nova Scotia, Canada
Height: 5' 11
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Measurements: 8.5 cut
Best Feature: Muscular Body
Specialty: Big Cumshots

Stage Name(s):
Al Brown
Matt Ramsey

Peter North Classic Porn:
Big And Thick


Naked Juice

Sizing Up

The Bigger the Better

Wild Young Fuckers

Young Gladiators

Peter North Videos

Peter North

Peter North Classic Porn Videos

Peter North is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He moved to California in 1982 snd he currently resides in Newport Coast, CA.

In a 1996 interview published in North's hometown newspaper, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, he stated that he was "discovered" while modeling athletic wear at a private party in Los Angeles in the early 80s. A man within the adult industry, whom North did not name, attended the party, was impressed by North's physique, and gave him his business card.

Peter North is known by his fans as the 'raining King of the cumshot because of his unique ability to produce very large amounts of sperm, and for his powerful cum shots in both the amount of cum and the velocity of the blast from his balls as he gives his pornstar targets the thicket facials, stickiest creampies and wildest cum baths of their careers!

During a porn career that has spanned three decades, Peter North has appeared in well over 2,100 pornographic movies along with many of the best known and most popular female porn performers of all time.

The volume of ejaculate spewed by Peter North in some of his best performances was so large that it had actually spawned controversy as cynics started asking if all that cum could possibly be real. Female co-stars like Jenna Jameson, Kristara Barrington and Christy Canyon have confirmed that every drop of North's jizz is 100% natural!

Peter North has stated that his ejaculations have always been of a high volume and that he didn't know it was above the norm until he began his career in the porn industry. He has also suggested that while the majoity of his cum is the result of genetic luck, his high protein diet which is high in egg-whites and molasses may also have contributed to the gigantic amount of sperm in his cumshots.

North is known for having an above average cock in other ways as well. A large penis both in length and girth, he is packing 8 1/2 inches of cock which often gets overlooked because porn fans are more focused on his cum cannon abilities.

Having been named 'favorite male costar' by famous porn whores incluiding: Savannah, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikita Denise, Jewel De'Nyle, Kelly O'Dell, Harmony and many others... North takes great pleasure from being blessed with loyal fans but he is most proud of being so popular among female costars who he has fucked on camera.

Due in large part to the longevity of his career and to a lesser degree because of some of his carer choices, Peter North has been a controversial figure of the xxx hardcore movie industry over the years. North became involved in the government's 1986 investigation of Traci Lords criminal involement in the industry. Lords was not 18 when she made most of her movies, including some sex scenes with North but the government eventually dropped the investigation because it was proven that nobody could have known because she had supplied illegal fake identification prior to the movies being made.

Even more controversially, it has been noted that Peter North entered the porn business at age 24 to make money after being recruited by legendary porn producer Matt Melnick. Peter North was not his original stage name. He entered the porn business as a gay performer under his alternate stage name Matt Ramsey. As Ramsey, North performed in several gay pornographic movies before crossing over to straight porn.

As a Director Peter has has also directed more than 70 adult movies including his own North Pole and Anal Addicts series. North has also become a porn producer of more than 20 movies, including 15 in the North Pole series which he owns.

North dated fellow porn actress Jewel De'Nyle for over two years. Over this period, De'Nyle performed in many scenes with North for movies of the North Pole series. In 1994, Peter North released a guide to meeting and dating beautiful women called Penetrating Insights. Its purpose is to help the reader meet more women. The book also includes tips on everything from grooming to personal health.

He is well known for being in excellent physical shape, even as he enters his fifties. He is a workout buff. Legendary pornstar Christy Canyon confirmed a longstanding rumor in her 2003 porn autobiography Lights, Camera, SEX!, revealing that North does not like to have his hair touched during a scene, as it causes him to lose his concentration.

North is a member of both the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame. And in October of 2008 he finally got enough votes from the members of Hall Of Fame Porn to become a member of the official Porn Hall Of Fame!

1990 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite
1991 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite
1992 F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite
1998 AVN Best Group Sex Scene

In 2009, after a long hiatus from the general public and working behind the scenes, North began making public appearances. He is the CEO and President of North Pole Enterprises based in Irvine, California and remains active in the porn industry even as his on screen career finally cums to its completion. Many other male stuntcocks have cum and gone before, during and after Peter North started making adult videos... but nobody ever has cum as much, and its likely nobody ever will!

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