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Mimi Miyagi
Mimi Miyagi
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Born: July 1973
Age: 36
Origin: Davao City, Philippines
Height: 5' 3
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Measurements: 36DD-23-35
Best Feature: Asian Hair
Specialty: Blowjob Skills

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Mimi Miyagi

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Mimi Miyagi was one of four siblings growing up in a very poor family in the Philippines. “I grew up in a bunk bed in our kitchen, since our house was so small,” admits Mimi in an online interview, “growing up poor did have its advantages, it gave me ambition!”

Something of a prodigy, Mimi Miyagi skipped several grades and graduated school three years early. After working three different full time jobs in Guam she saved $1,000 and was able to accept the college scholarship she was offered to attend a fashion school in Los Angeles, California.

According to one report, soon after relocating she realized she was in trouble, “I applied at 21 different places to find a job to support myself through school. With no luck, the answer was always: I was not experienced enough. So this led to some desperation.”

Before long Mimi Miyagi was allegedly going on dates just to eat, and sleeping on friends' couches, because she couldn't afford her own apartment. That's when everything changed. One day Mimi found an LA Weekly advertisement placed by Ed Powers for "partial nude modeling.” Lucky little Mimi Miyagi was about to hit it big.

This was her first introduction to the porno scene. Yes, it was with the famous Dirty Debutantes King himself, Ed Powers and now, more than 200 films later, Mimi is still making headlines with unexpected appearances.

Mimi’s amazing ability to turn every challenge into a learning experience led her to take on the internet single-handed. After a bad experience with a disreputable webmaster she decided her only choice was to do the work herself. She taught herself HTML and got her own website up and working through her own grit and determination.

After that, Mimi finally knew what she wanted to do and she began college to study UNIX. She is perhaps the only pornstar who ever went on to become a programmer. She's able to configure Perl, Perl 5, and C to customize any kind of program thrown her way with the same grace and elegance she once displayed on screen sucking cock and allowing strangers to fuck her love holes in the kind of classic porn movies that collectors seek for their permanent collections.

According to reports published online, in December 1998 Mimi’s life changed forever when she became a mother. Sadly just a few short years later, Mimi’s marital bliss ended in a nasty divorce and a year-long custody battle for her daughter. Since then she has suffered some health problems, freak auto accidents and even some physical trauma. But this woman cannot be slowed down or stopped. Her current ambition includes relentless dedication to helping poor children from the Philippines by building a school there.

Recently, Mimi stunned not only herself but all of Nevada by running for Governor in 2006. According to Mimi it was the greatest moment of her life when she took the oath to run as an official candidate. She spoke candidly with MSNBC with Tucker Carlson about her plans to improve her state’s efforts in dealing with its ever-increasing growth. She ran as a Republican, angering many party loyalists. Mimi was undeterred adding that she’s, “In the race for the long-haul,” and challenged others to focus on the issues instead of her past in the porn industry. No doubt we will continue to keep an eye on Mimi Miyagi and hope she will continue to surprise us with new and interesting endeavors since we never cease to want to see more of her sexy features.

If Hall Of Fame Porn voters take the total life experience into account, rather than only focusing on a pornstar's fuckability on film, Mimi Miyagi has a very strong candidacy for inclusion in the official online porn hall of fame. So far she has been nominated but never gotten over the hump. Will she be inducted any time soon? That choice is yours as soon as you signup and start casting your vote!

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