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Lisa Deleeuw
Lisa Deleeuw
Inducted July 2009
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Born: July 1958
Age: 51
Origin: Moline, IL
Height: 5' 9
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Redhead
Measurements: 38DD-30-36
Best Feature: Big Natural Tits
Specialty: Tit Fucking

Stage Name(s):
Lil’ Redhead
Lisa De Leeuw
Lisa de Ugga
Lisa DeLeeue
Lisa Deleuw
Lisa Leeua
Lisa Trego
Lisa Woods

Lisa Deleeuw Classic Porn:
800 Fantasy Lane

Amanda By Night

Garage Girls

Pro-Ball Cheerleaders

Ultra Flesh

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Lisa Deleeuw

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Lisa De Leeuw is a self-described Midwestern farm-girl who grew up in an unremarkable town called Moline, Illinois. In an interview published online she once said: “I was a tomboy, played with the boys. Still do, only it's different now. I think it was good for me growing up there. You had to develop your imagination, because there was nothing really to do."

Allegedly Lisa once claimed she lost her virginity just before her birthday, “I was mad at my boyfriend at the time I lost my virginity, but his two best friends were available. They did me in the back seat of a Firebird for about three hours. They'd take turns driving and fucking me over the country roads, bumping and humping."

As a teen Lisa admits she struggled with her weight and did not consider herself at all attractive and she often thought her big tits were more of a hindrance when she was growing up. She is quoted online saying: "Before I lost the weight, all I had was enormous breasts, they were the only really attractive thing about me. Guys would stare at them, and when they got my top off they'd dive right onto my tits. It made me wish they weren't so big." By age 18 she had also experimented with women but according to the same interview, “It was only the one time.”

After graduating, Lisa Deleeuw attempted a job working for a used car dealer but she allegedly got fired because she wouldn’t give backseat test drives. Her boyfriend at the time worked at the local adult movie theater which is where she first became introduced to porn. Back in those days adult films were only available at dirty movie houses and xxx cinemas.

By age 18 Lisa and her boyfriend made the move to Los Angeles and by 1978 the 19 year-old Lil' Redhead was nude modeling. She decided that she liked California and wanted to stay there. It was a lot more expensive than living in Illinois, so she figured she had to make big bucks quick and modeling sounded like a way to do it.

Lisa says in an interview, "I didn't know it was going to be nude modeling, but my tits were so big they didn't mind if I was still a little overweight. I was working every day for a month; then there were so many sets of me at the magazines that I had to look elsewhere. Someone told me I could make good money in porno, so I did a loop (a short clip on film that could be spliced into other movies).”

According to another Lisa Deleeuw interview, Lisa is quoted as saying she had a bit of a learning curve because of her inexperience. "I'd only started giving head a year before and learning how to use garter belts was also a treat. I know even experienced performers who still occasionally will put the panties on under the garter belt, which makes for a good deal of unintentional comedy when you're trying to remove them on camera.”

By 1979 Lisa was starring in her first full-length feature porn film 800 Fantasy Lane. Before filming began, director Svetlana required Lisa to lose some weight. According an an interview with Lisa: “Svetlana put me on a strict diet, no food, just vitamins. She was a tyrant. We worked twenty hour days. We were fed cold hot dogs and drank cold coffee.” Even though the working conditions were less than appealing Lisa was forgiving and agreed to work with Svetlana again in her third film, Ultra Flesh.

The first film she claims she actually enjoyed making was Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979), even though she reportedly caught pneumonia during the filming after having sex for three hours on a rain-soaked field. She said in an interview, "After that everyone decided that they liked me wet. They kept putting me in these water scenes." One such memorable scene was in Garage Girls (1980, it was a shower scene with John Leslie and is disputably the best sex scene of the film and quite possibly one of the best of her career.

However, the highpoint of porn fame for Lisa Deleeuw came with her appearance in Amanda By Night (1981), when after numerous previous nominations she finally won a Best Supporting Actress award. Lisa was cynical about the awards though, once stating in an interview, "It was a lot like the Academy Awards - a lot of it was political. After that, I received two Erotica’s which was nice, but I wasn't even invited to the awards those years. I thought that was kind of funny! I didn't even know I was nominated. I read about it later."

By the time she had made 20 films she had married her long time boyfriend attempting to also get him work in the field. Difficulties in their relationship and constant battles with her weight seemed to get to her after a while. Following a divorce she took a year out in 1984 and later married a musician.

After her hiatus, Lisa Deleeuw slowly began a return to the porn industry by the late 1980s. She got back into films and personal appearances. She co-produced a few films with Ginger Lynn and found that was more bother than it was worth to her. However, Lisa has never condemned the industry, once saying in an interview: "I will never look down on it… there's so many people like Linda Lovelace who now make money by degrading the business and I don't think I would ever do that because it has been very good for me. It's given me more self-esteem, more confidence. I've gotten to see a lot of the world. I've made a lot of money. I've made a lot of great friends. There are just a lot of really good people in the industry."

Lisa’s flame red hair and huge natural tits have disappeared from the industry radar in recent decades, and an untrue rumor circulated online that she died an AIDS related death in 1993. However, according to former porn director David Jennings she was still alive in 2000. As of the present day nobody seems to know what really happened to Lisa Deleeuw. It's one of the great mysteries of porn history.

She remains one of the best-loved stars of the early 1980's Golden Age of porn and has since been inducted into the X Rated Critics Hall OF Fame and the AVN Hall of Fame by industry insiders. However, she has not yet earned induction into the official online porn hall of fame as voted on by the people who count the most - porn fans! As a member of Hall Of Fame Porn, it's your vote that counts... and you can be directly involved in the decision to vote for Lisa or to leave her out of the official voting each month.

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