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Kristara Barrington
Kristara Barrington
Inducted September 2008
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Born: November 1965
Age: 44
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana
Height: 5' 5
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Measurements: 36B-34-38
Best Feature: Asian Pubes
Specialty: Asian Porn

Stage Name(s):
Chi-Chi Ling
China Lee
Christie Barrington
Christine Barrington
K. Barrington
Kim Morgan
Kim Warner
Kimberly Wong
Kistara Barrington
Kris Tara
Kristarra Barrington
Kristina Barrington
Mai Nuygen
Mai Tai

Kristara Barrington Classic Porn:
Beyond Desire

Caught From Behind #3

Deliveries in the Rear

Ecstasy Girls #2

House of Lust

New Wave Hookers


Kristara Barrington Videos

Kristara Barrington

Kristara Barrington Classic Porn Videos

Kristara Barrington was originally from New Orleans but has spent most of her life as a native of Chicago. Between 1984 and 1989 Ms. Barrington appeared in more than 170 movies and was considered the featured starlet of many of them.

During her career, Barrington was much more than just another pretty Asian face. She was also an activist for the sexual rights of women and an outspoken supporter of the entire adult film industry. In an article printed on October 11, 1985, Kristara Barrington said in an interview with a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune: "I don't feel like a prostitute. I'm an actress, I am paid for a job. Sure you're selling yourself but people sell themselves for all kinds of businesses."

On October 4, 1986, the Los Angeles Times reported Kristara Barrington and many other pornstars of that time were implicated in legal action stemming from the case of Traci Lords (who had given false ID to porn producers prior to the star of her sex career). Federal authorities subpoenaed five distributors, VCA Pictures, CBI, Caballero, Western Visuals and Paradise to confirm that pornographic actresses Kristara Barrington, Ali Moore and Nikki Charm had started their porn careers after becoming 18 years of age.

VCA attorney Mike Mayock told the Times that Barrington's early films were recalled strictly as a precaution, and that he had every confidence that she was 18 or older at the time of her first VCA film.

Retired in 1987, Porn Star Kristara Barrington was one of the most popular and memorable adult actress of the 1980s. Legions of her devoted fans still consider her to be one of the all time greatest hardcore pornstars.

Kristarra Barrington appears prominently in the 1983 documentary Fallen Angels. She retired in 1987 and remains the best known Asian pornstar of all time. Kristara was always proud of her Asian ancestry and even as many pornstars embraced the trend of shaving their pubic hair, Kristara Barrington maintained a thick tuft of dark Oriental pubes throughout her entire sex video career.

Barrington rarely had anal sex on camera and the most famous example of her getting fucked in the ass comes from the critically acclaimed Deliveries In The Rear with costar Rick Savage who fucks her ass like he owns it. While that is one of the most rare scenes of Kristara Barrington ever filmed, thankfully it is one you can still see right now in the HallOfFamePorn members area.

In 1985 Kristarra Barrington was the star of one of the most successful porn movies of all time: New Wave Hookers. She performs in the famous role as the sushi delivery girl and gets fuckeded savagely by three men (Jack Baker, Steve Powers and Jaime Gillis) until she's so exhausted that she allegedly had to be carried from the room to rest afterward! That scene can also be found inside the Hall OF Fame Porn video collection.

Allegedly Kristara also performed in many private BDSM scenes and stage performances. In one movie that was rumored to star Jamie Gillis the couple became so intense that the producers cut most of the scene before releasing it on Ecstasy Girls #2. Kristara was a willing participant according to all accounts but the producers deleted the scene so as to avoid problems with those who wished to censor porn films that showed hardcore submission sex. This is supposedly why Kristara has wax all over her body in the sex scene even though it all happens off camera.

Kristara Barrington's natural tits, charming personality and Asian sex skills can be seen in many of the best porn movies from the VHS era, though she was credited under several different stage names including: Kimberly Wong, Kim Warner and Chi Chi Ling in some of her early videos.

Becoming the first Asian pornstar inducted into the official Porn Hall Of Fame when members of Hall Of Fame Porn voted for her in September of 2008, finally the career of one of the world's best pornstars (not just one of the world's best Asian pornstars) was validated in the way that only comes from the real voting power of actual porn fans!

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