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John Holmes
John Holmes
Inducted October 2007
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Born: 1944
Age: (Deceased - 1988)
Origin: Ashville, Ohio - USA
Real Name: John C. Holmes
Height: 6' 2
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Measurements: 13 Inches Uncut
Best Feature: Big Dick
Specialty: Orgy Sex

Stage Name(s):
Big John
Big John Fallus
Big John Holmes
Bigg John
John C. Holmes
John Curtis Holmes
John Duval
John Estes
John Rey
John Sacre
John 'Johnny Wadd' Holmes
Johnny Holmes
Johnny Wadd
Long John Wadd

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John Holmes Videos

John Holmes

John Holmes Classic Porn Videos

John Curtis Holmes (August 8, 1944 - March 13, 1988) also known as John C. Holmes or Johnny Wadd (a name taken from the lead character in a series of adult films that he starred in), was the most famous male adult film star of all time. Holmes appearing in more than 2,750 porn films, adult video trailers, stag films, and porno feature movies during the 1970s and early 1980s. John Holmes was best known for his exceptionally large 13 inch penis, which was heavily promoted as being the biggest cock in the porn industry. His dick became so famous that it was later cast as a sex toy for women around the world to play with in their homes.

John Holmes was originally named John Curtis Estes from Ashville, Ohio, but he knew very little of his father Curtis Estes, a railroad worker, who walked out on the family when John was young. John's mother Mary, a devout Southern Baptist, married Harold Edward Holmes a few years later and changed her children's last name to Holmes. Harold Holmes became John Holmes new stepfather and allegedly was a chronic alcoholic who would come home inebriated, stumble about the house, and according to some reports once vomited on Holmes. Mary Holmes later divorced Harold and moved with John and his siblings to Columbus, Ohio, where they reportedly lived on welfare for a few years.

John Holmes mother Mary was apparently quite a sexy MILF! While in Columbus, Mary met and married her third husband, Harold Bowman. They moved from Columbus and settled in nearby Pataskala, Ohio. By the time John Holmes was eighteen, Bowman allegedly became physical with him, but the strapping teenager fought back and decked Bowman, once even sending him down a staircase.

After asking for permission from Mary, John Holmes enlisted in the United States Army and spent three years in Germany as part of the Army Signal Corps. Eventually Holmes was discharged and he moved to Los Angeles where he worked in a variety of jobs including: selling goods door to door and working in a Coffee Nips factory. While working as an ambulance driver John Holmes met a hot nurse named Sharon Gebenini in December 1964 and they were married in August of 1965. Allegedly, once Sharon got used to riding John's huge cock she was insatiably in love with him.

For the next two years, Holmes and his wife, Sharon, lived quiet, uneventful lives. Holmes worked as a forklift driver in a meat packing warehouse in Cudahy, California. However, the rigors of driving the forklift in and out of a large freezer and repeated exposure to inhaling sub-freezing air after being outside in the desert's hot air caused severe health problems for Holmes eventually leading to a pneumothorax (lung collapse) of his right lung on three occasions within a period of nine months.

While recovering from his illness, Holmes frequented a men's card-playing club in Gardena, where he met a photographer standing next to him at a restroom urinal. The photographer noticed the extraordinary 13 inch penis and thick cock shaft size that Holmes was packing in his blue-jeans and encouraged him to become a porn movie actor and do work in xxx sex films. During the late 1960s, Holmes started by doing some magazine work and occasionally was filmed in 8 mm porn loops for reel to reel projectors. He kept his early porn fucking secret from his wife. This was easy to do in the pre-internet porn days because porn movie production and adult film distribution were much quieter and more clandestine processes. In the 60s and 70s there was no mass production of adult films on video cassettes or DVDs and there was zero digital distribution via porn websites on the Internet. Also, the ad copy for his first few dozen 8mm porn loops rarely named John Holmes and those that did usually gave him a fake name that was nowhere near his real name.

In fact, one early "Swedish Erotica" brochure from 1973 has five Holmes loops listed, each as a different name referring to Holmes even though it is obvious from the size and shape of his big cock, that "Fred", "Dave", "Rudy", "Big Dick" and "Stan" are all being portrayed by John Holmes! In the early years of his porn career, Holmes was referred to as "The Sultan of Smut." Porn classics including Deep Throat (1972), The Devil in Miss Jones (1973) and Behind the Green Door (1972) allowed porn to emerge from the shadows and become much more of a mainstream form of entertainment. While porn popularity was becoming quite chic, its legality and acceptance in some parts of the world was still hotly contested at that time.

John Holmes was arrested during this time for pimping and pandering, but he allegedly avoided prison time by becoming an informant for the LAPD. In 1973, Holmes' career began to rise once again with a new porn series using the premise of Holmes as a private investigator named Johnny Wadd. By 1978, Holmes was believed to be earning as much as $3,000 per day as a porn actor. That's much more than any pornstar of that era including notable female stars like Seka and Mindy Brandt.

Holmes starred at a time when personality and a huge cock could compensate for any lack of other aesthetic characteristics. Back in the golden age of porn, a certain amount of acting ability demanded of porn stars because most of the movies were scripted story-based adult feature films. While John Holmes' voice was arguably somewhat higher in pitch than one would expect for a "hard-boiled private dick" with a gigantic cock and large set of balls, most adult film critics and fans agreed that Holmes did demonstrate enough acting ability to keep the character of "Johnny Wadd" from becoming a merely banal one-dimensional parody.

Unfortunately John Holmes also allegedly developed a serious cocaine problem, so much so that it was beginning to affect his ability to maintain an erection. The last years of John Holmes were somehow more cloaked in mystery than the early years. He performed in at least one gay feature film, was addicted to a series of narcotics, become involved in some way with the scandalous Wounderland murders case in 1981 and eventually passed away on March 13, 1988 from complications associated with his contraction of HIV.

More than any of today's legendary porn actors, John Holmes managed to create a special niche for himself within the world of adult films and porn videos. While most of his pornstar performances were completed more than thirty years ago, the name John Holmes lives on in the lore of Hall Of Fame Porn and the stories of his masterful cocksmanship with a fully erect 13 inch dick continue to circulate among porn fans, swingers and the personal fantasy imaginations of many.

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