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Debi Diamond
Debi Diamond
Inducted January 2009
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Born: 1965
Age: 44
Origin: San Fernando, CA
Height: 5' 11
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Measurements: 34C-26-37
Best Feature: Hardbody
Specialty: Wild Sex

Stage Name(s):
Debbi Diamond
Debbie Diamond
Debi Dymond
Debie Lester
Deborah Diamond
Debra Ann Diamond
Josi Emerson
Shelley Rey
Shelly Ray
Shelly Rey

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Debi Diamond

Debi Diamond Classic Porn Videos

Debi Diamond (Born on May 1, 1962) lived a typical upper middle class lifestyle as she was growing up in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. She graduated from Monroe High School in Granada Hills, and at the age of nineteen she went to Hollywood hoping to become a mainstream celebrity. Debi Diamond got a job working as the personal assistant to legendary film producer Robert Evans (producer of 'Chinatown'). Evans, in turn, introduced Debi to some of his big-name contacts, including famous glamour photographer Helmut Newton. Debi Diamond became one of Newton's favorite subjects for a while and any of his books from the late 1970s and early 1980s are likely to feature photos of her.

In the early 1980s, Debi Diamond tried to break into mainstream Hollywood but with little success. Allegedly she was told that if she wanted to get an acting job she would have to suck off casting agents and fuck producers when they asked her to do so. Rumors suggest Debi has stated that even when she spread her legs and let mainstream movie moguls use her as their own private fuck toy; she often ended up having sex with them and then wouldn't get the jobs anyway! Debi decided that if she was going to be having sex for acting roles, and she wasn't going to be getting paid as an actress, she might as well get paid for the sex, so she opted to try her luck in porn.

Her early films like 'Bad Girls 2' and 'All American Girls In Heat' earned her a growing fan base and plenty of popularity among adult film critics as well. When Debi Diamond started working in hardcore she was much more curvaceous and a bit heavier than she was later in her career. Strangely, at the height of her new found porn popularity Debi left the skin business and didn't return until a few years later.

She came back in the late 1980s, almost 40 pounds lighter and with a much more driven attitude and a real hardcore edge to her sexuality. During the prime of her career she was known for having an incredible sculpted body, lean and muscular with a tight core that any fitness guru would be proud of having. Debi Diamond clearly loved her work, and she was ready to farther and deeper than anyone else in the business to earn back her fans and to create new ones with each scorching performance. Some of her antics included candle-wax porn videos where she actually extinguished the candle by stuffing the lit end deep into her ass! She also did a famous scene were she used real car motor oil instead of standard sex lubricants. Debi also excelled at group sex and female gang bang violation scenes. Her peep show group grope in John Stagliano's 'Gang Bangs 2' is considered perhaps the greatest group sex scene ever filmed by the adult history.

Debi Diamond won virtually every award in the skin biz, including numerous 1993 Performer of the Year awards, the 1995 Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Female Award, and she is a member of the XRCO Porn Performers' Hall of Fame.

Debi Diamond left the porn industry in the late 1990s. Allegedly pressure from friends and family helped her to make the decision, although an inheritance from her recently deceased mother insured that she wouldn't need to work in hardcore again. Debi Diamond moved around a bit, eventually settling down with her new husband in suburban Chicago.

During her time in porn, Diamond appeared in almost 500 feature sex films and any practically any porn movie she was ever in is guaranteed to have at least one sex scene that absolutely sizzles. Many compilations of her movies have been made as well and there is an 18 month era of porn during 1993 and early 1994 that remains marked as the 'Debi Diamond Era' now and forever.

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