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Asia Carrera
Asia Carrera
Inducted April 2009
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Born: August 1973
Age: 36
Origin: New York City
Real Name: Jessica Steinhauser
Height: 5' 8
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Measurements: 36C-26-36
Best Feature: Pierced Labia
Specialty: Porn Movie Acting

Stage Name(s):
Jessica Bennett

Asia Carrera Classic Porn:
A is for Asia

The Big Lebowski

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Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera Classic Porn Videos

Asia Carrera (born Jessica Steinhauser in New York City during August of 1973) became one of the most well known and most respected adult film stars of the DVD porn era. Asia's father was Japanese and her mother was German. She is the eldest of four siblings and was raised happily in Little Silver, New Jersey. She attended the Little Silver Public Schools and graduated from Red Bank Regional High School where she won a state-wide spelling competition.

Shattering many of the false expectations ignorant people have of pornstars, Asia Carrera has become famous in many different ways and for many different reasons. Before making her first adult film Asia had already become famous as a pianist, performing at Carnegie Hall twice while she was a teen!

Later, during a period of her life spent living in Japan, Asia Carrera taught English at Tsuruga College. She also earned a full academic scholarship to Rutgers University in New Jersey and is a fully accredited member of Mensa (an intellectual society best known for only accepting members who have an IQ within the top 2% of all people tested world-wide).

In yet another interesting twist during her life, Asia Carrera began dancing at local go-go bars in the early 1990s throughout New Jersey. She then followed her dancing work with several photoshoots adult magazines, and later made her own porn demo tape in 1993. With her mind made up that she would one day become an adult film legend, Asia Carrera moved west and relocated to California where she began fucking on film under the alias Jessica Bennett.

Eventually she changed her stage name to Asia Carrera, a name she later explained was taken from one of her Hollywood idols Tia Carrere who she shares a resemblance with physically.

During the next decade, Ms. Carrera starred in dozens of big budget adult movies with detailed scripts and story-lines. Unlike most of the gonzo films made in the late 1990s, Carrera focused on fucking in films that had a plot and a story designed to give the carnal activity more context. Her xxx feature films became exceptionally popular among female porn fans and couples who enjoy watching xxx movies together.

During that time, Asia Carrera was involved in the writing, producing and directing of her big budget hardcore movies. Her films featured special effects, make-up, hair-styling and costumes on par with many Hollywood "B" movies of the era and Asia was responsible for getting most of that work done by herself for the entire cast and crew!

Most of that big budget work was done under the Vivid Video brand name, and to many porn fans it is Asia who deserved much of the credit for earning the early success of the world's most famous DVD porn studio. After her contract with Vivid expired in the mid 1990s, Asia Carrera decided to have her right labia minora pierced and since then she has worn a variety of ornate rings and jewelry from her pierce pussy lips.

She also decided to get her breasts enlarged at around the same time and went from being a natural B cup to a fuller and rounder C cup sized set of tits.

Notably, Asia Carrera performed only a small handful of anal sex scenes during her entire career because she didn't want to be considered an "anal queen". Her first anal scene was in the movie A is for Asia (a film to which she owned all the rights for) which allowed her to cash in on her onscreen anal virginity after she had finished her contract with Vivid. The list of awards she won during her porn film career is impressive:

1995 AVN Female Performer of the Year

2000 AVN Best Couples Sex Scene

2000 AVN Award nominee for Best Actress

2001 AVN Hall of Fame

In 1998 Asia made her Hollywood debut in the film The Big Lebowski opposite Tara Reid during scenes that included a faux porn movie within the main film fictitiously titled "Logjammin."

In 2003, almost exactly ten years to the day when she had started performing in hardcore sex films, Asia Carrera retired from adult entertainment to spend more time with her family.

Ms. Carrera still has an active presence on the Internet and describes herself as "the nerd of porn." She created her own website in the late 1990s, including writing the code and editing the pictures herself.

She is also an avid videogamer, known for playing Unreal Tournament. She even designed her own game skins and was featured on the show Players as part of the G4 cable channel, where she revealed that her screen name was "Megabitchgoddess."

Carrera hosted her own Unreal Tournament server that featured custom maps designed by fans who frequented the chat room that she has hosted on her site since 1997. She is also a Corvette car aficionado as well.

The long and varied interests of Asia Carrera seeming know no bounds, much like the passion she displayed on screen during her hardcore sex performances. She has been a guest reviewer for Maximum PC magazine, a voice actress for many Hentai movies including Inmu and Shusaku, was featured in the book Part Asian 100% Hapa by artist Kip Fulbeck and after revealing that her personal hero is investment mogul Warren Buffet, even he mentioned he was thrilled to learn of her positive comments about him.

In 1995, Carrera married adult film director Bud Lee. They divorced in 2003 after a long separation, but remain good friends. She married nutritionist and author Don Lemmon in 2003 but tragedy struck when Mr. Lemmon was killed in a car accident near Las Vegas on June 10, 2006. At the time, Carrera was almost eight months pregnant.

During that period of grief and uncertainty Carrera began to solicit donations on her personal web site, but good fortune smiled on her once again when she learned that an insurance policy she had forgotten about was being paid to her in full!

Asia Carrera has long been an outspoken atheist who believes strongly in science and humanity as the answer to life's great questions. On March 18, 2007 she announced that once the remaining merchandise inventory is gone, she "will probably" shut down her website.

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