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Anna Malle
Anna Malle
Inducted August 2008
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Born: 1967
Age: Deceased (1/25/06)
Origin: Fort Madison, Iowa
Real Name: Anna Hotop
Height: 5' 9
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Measurements: 34D-24-36
Best Feature: Chin Dimple
Specialty: Intense Orgasms

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Anna Malle

Anna Malle Classic Porn Videos

Anna Malle was born Anna Hotop of Havana, Illinois on September 9, 1967, raised in Fort Madison, Iowa. Anna tragically passed away at the age of 39 on January 25, 2006 as part of a fatal car accident. She was a true pornstar in every sense of the word and while her life ended far to early, the enthusiasm and energy she brought to each day still radiates in our world long after she moved on.

Anna was a tall brunette 5' 7” dynamo. She measured 34D-24-36. Her ethnicity was German, Cherokee-Indian and Irish. Malle had a couple tattoos: One of a rose in a cloud on her left breast and another rose bush near her pussy.

Anna Malle broke into adult through amateur work for Tim Lake's Homegrown Video. The first film she did with any major fanfare was Dirty Debutantes Vol. 37 with Ed Powers. In that video, she says she came up with the name Anna Malle on her own to describe her voracious sexual style. She was extremely popular among porn fans immediately and critics quickly showered her with acclaim as well. Once one witnesses the fierce intensity of her bisexual on screen sex skills, it becomes impossible to look away and even less possible to forget what you have been privileged to see.

Nina Hartley cast Anna in her first feature film: VCA's 'The Secret Life of Nina Hartley' as a supporting actress in a very hot jail cell threesome and became Malle’s mentor in porn. Anna was also a frequent contributor to a series of swinger and anal sex guides that have become very popular for their rare mix of intellectual candor and raw sexuality. According to Ms. Hartley, Anna Malle was ‘dark, beautiful, mysterious, unpretentious, horny and just enough submissive. In short, a perfect partner for me. Between the two of us, we had something for everyone.’

Anna Malle performed in over 351 films, frequently with her husband and swinging partner Hank Armstrong as a costar. Of those films, she has directorial credits in five of them in addition to performing in them. While Anna performed in just about every kind of sex scene every created, her most popular scenes involved rough lesbianism and savage anal sex. She even appeared in some Max Hardcore productions which proved her mettle as a true submissive starlet and her on screen durability as well. After retiring from hardcore porn work in 2005, Anna Malle became involved with several more mainstream projects including appearances on HBO and the Playboy Channel.

On Wed Jan 25 2006 at 5:34 PM her husband Hank posted the following message on the official Anna Malle website: “To All of Anna's fans, friends and admirers. With deep sadness I have to announce that Anna has passed away today in an auto accident. She will be missed by all and has always enjoyed her life to the fullest. I'm sure that her memory will always be with her fans and friends. For all of you please say a prayer to her and let her know that she was loved. Sept 9, 1967 - January 25, 2006.”

The details of the accident were not made entirely clear to the public but published reports have stated that she was killed in a car accident near Las Vegas, Nevada; that she was not the driver, that there was no alcohol involved but that she had not been wearing a seat belt at the time.

At first the message was greeted with cynicism as a publicity stunt in poor taste, but quickly news of the incident followed and the tragedy was confirmed. A groundswell of empathy and support poured in from fans world wide for a pornstar who had transcended to the mold of being an iconic sex symbol and who had become something far greater: a loving wife, an honest friend and a passionate symbol of sexual freedom.

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