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Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn
Inducted July 2008
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Born: 1963
Age: 46
Origin: Newport Beach, CA
Real Name: Laura Allen
Height: 5' 7
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde
Measurements: 37D-23-36
Best Feature: Nu-Wave Style
Specialty: Blowjob

Stage Name(s):
Amber Lynn Lane

Amber Lynn Classic Porn:
Amber Lynn Videos

Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn Classic Porn Videos

Amber Lynn (born Laura Allen on September 3, 1964, in Orange, California) is an American pornstar and a feature dancer at exotic strip clubs all over the world. Originally discovered by Althea Flynt, the wife of Hustler Magazine mogul Larry Flynt, Amber started her adult career as a magazine model and she credits her good friend Ginger Lynn for being a big inspiration for her subsequent crossover into hardcore adult videos.

In the early to mid 1980s most starlets either did Magazine work or video work, very few were willing and able to do both. When Ginger and Amber were both new to the adult industry they attended a party at the house of legendary male pornstar Harry Reems. According to published reports, that was the first time Amber ever had lesbian sex. She and Ginger Lynn allegedly had sex with each other in plain view of the rest of the people at the party and that quickly lead to offers which allowed her emergence in hardcore porn movies.

Amber Lynn has always been an extremely sensual woman, with the fabulously athletic body of a well trained dancer. During her porn career Amber Lynn usually wore her hair cropped short in keeping with the punk fashion of the time, leaving her remarkably expressive full-mouthed face to be filmed and facialed in all its carnal glory. Her willingness to work in a wide variety of roles, sufficient ability to act and well established easy going personality on the set made her a favorite of Directors and Producers during the 1980s but it was her raw sexual energy that endeared her to swarms of porn fans as adult films made their transition from theaters to VHS home video and eventually to DVDs.

Amber Lynn lived with her then-boyfriend, pornstar Jamie Gillis during the 1980's, (they met during the shooting of the legendary porn film Ten Little Maidens. Jamie Gillis had been a male pornstar since the early 1970s and under his wing, Amber Lynnís wild side truly flourished. You can see from watching films made during the time she was with Mr. Gillis as compared to those made before or after that Amber Lynn gave her nastiest efforts in performances that took on more of a raw edge during their time together.

Apparently, Amber Lynn and Jamie Gillis were even hotter off-screen. Tales circulate about their frequent trips to porn theaters where they could watch their newest films on the large cinema screen as the Ďraincoatí crowd enjoyed them and had the chance to display their mass approval live and in person!

Amber Lynn's vocal, passionate love making has been celebrated by the adult industry in many ways. In 1987 she won the XRCO Best supporting actress award for her role in Taboo 5. She followed that with a 1993 Hot d'Or Lifetime achievement award, a 1995 XRCO Hall of Fame induction, a 2001 AVN Hall of Fame award and a 2007 Adam Film World Guild Lifetime achievement award.

Her contributions to the hardcore porn industry go beyond her own performances. Allegedly she convinced her real life younger brother to get into the business as well, she convinced her younger brother to get into the business, and he became a star in his own right under the name Buck Adams. Thatís why, even though both were major stars at the same time, youíll never find a scene of the two of them performing together.
At the tail end of her porn career Amber Lynn became deeply involved with charity work, especially where the HIV/AIDS epidemic was concerned.

As one example, in 1992, Lynn turned her 28th birthday party in Beverly Hills, California into a benefit in honor of The Youth Aids Foundation of Los Angeles, an organization providing housing and basic assistance to help teens afflicted with HIV. The organization was about to go under due to a lack of funding and Amber Lynnís efforts enabled it to continue its important work. The August 1992 Los Angeles Times quoted her statement on page two; "Lets give them food clothing and shelter and we'll worry about role models later." The charitable endeavor showed Amberís strong desire to help others and her practical understanding of the need to approach problems with real world solutions rather than idealistic fluff.

After a lengthy absence from the adult industry, Amber Lynn returns to active duty in porn in 2008. She is slated to appear in three new releases from Tom Byron Pictures, Evasive Angles and Wicked Pictures. She has also began appearing on a variety of websites and has said that she is very excited to be a part of the growing popularity of the MILF porn genre. It seems, as always, Amber Lynn is once again riding the crest of a new wave in adult films.

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